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OXIA Personal O2 Dispenser

OXIA Personal O2 Dispenser

OXIA® Personal Oxygen Dispenser
A Breath of Fresh Air… Anywhere - Anytime!

Introducing you to the world's smallest, lightest and trendy portable oxygen dispenser - an absolute 'must' to go with your busy lifestyle.

Pocket-sized at 22 cm. high and 486gms., this power packed unit contains 31 litres of pressurised oxygen.

It's your natural, portable boost of energy… Anywhere - Anytime!

You Are What You Breathe!
An increased oxygen intake significantly improves blood circulation, physical / mental development, heart rate and overall well being.

Stressed Out?
No matter what sort of occupation you're engaged in, there is a certain stress level. A 2-3 second 'recharge' (or 1 application) of fresh oxygen oxygenates the brain, calms the nerves, regulates the heartbeat and helps you focus on what you need to do.

A Natural Energy Boost!
You want to be fully awake, alert and refreshed…
Whether you are studying for an exam, attend long lectures, work long, tiring hours, are constantly on the go, work out, or simply want to party all night long, a 2-3 second application gives you a natural and energising boost.

Here's some information on oxygen and the OXIA® Personal Oxygen Dispenser.

What Oxygen Contains
Next to food and water, oxygen is the most essential element that sustains life on earth. It is also plays an important part as a powerful detoxifier, which regulates regular health conditions.

Good levels of oxygen help to build immunity from diseases and afflictions such as influenza, common cold and lower grade infections.

Oxygen is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that constitutes 20% of the atmosphere in unpolluted environments. Close to 70% of the human body and 90% of water contain oxygen.

How Is OXIA® Oxygen Different From Normal Air?

Normal air in a dry atmosphere in a clean and unpolluted environment consists of 21% oxygen (O2), 78% nitrogen (N2) and 1% argon, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases.

However, in a country like Singapore where most people are city dwellers, the air contains high levels of harmful pollutants, including: carbon monoxide (CO), lead (Pb), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), particulate matter (PM), and sulphur dioxide (SO2).

Your dispenser contains none of these contaminants or pollutants and has 90% pure oxygen (O2) and 10% nitrogen (N2).

How We Ensure OXIA® Oxygen Is Free From Contaminants

Dispensers are filled by trained technicians complying with stringent standards, guidelines and policies regarding quality control and safety. After which, each dispenser is quality sealed and shrink wrapped.  Every dispenser is subjected to a 3 stage stress / non contaminant grading inspection before being approved, documented and stamp dated.

What Your OXIA® Personal Oxygen Dispenser Contains
Your dispenser contains approximately 31 litres of oxygen enriched air, consisting of up to 90% oxygen (O2), and 10% nitrogen (N2).

The oxygen enriched air in your dispenser is pressurised at approximately 3,000 psi (210 bar) at the time of purchase and provides up to approximately 100 (2-3 second) applications. (3.5 to 4 minutes continuous flow. Flow rate @ 10-15 litres/minute)

The oxygen contained in your dispenser is completely free of any contaminants or pollutants that are usually found in a normal atmosphere or polluted environment.

Product Specifications
 Seamless aluminium cylinder  -   4.2mm thickness (Refillable). 
 Cylinder height  -  15cm
 Overall height (incl. mouthpiece)  -  22cm
 Full weight  -  486gms.
 Empty weight   -  455gms.

Suggested Dosage - 4-6 applications, (2-3 secs. each) as and when require.

Product Warranty - 2 years.

First Dispenser Purchase - Your initial purchase is for an oxygen filled dispenser which is refillable. For health and safety reasons, please contact us for refill orders as we are the authorised refill centre for Singapore.

Note: Oxygen Cylinder is refillable.

For subsequent oxygen refills: Immediate 1 for 1 exchange (applicable to Singapore only).

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